Which Boiler Type is right for you?


There are many types of boilers with the most popular type being a conventional combi boiler.  The various types of boilers suit different needs and households.  What are the options for boiler installation?

Combi boilers

As mentioned these are a popular type of boiler due to convenience and efficiency. Combi boilers heat up water directly from the mains supply meaning that you are only heating up the water that you need, thus reducing energy bills. With a combi boiler, there is no need for any water tanks meaning converting to a combi boiler can often free up space in your home. 

Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers heat up water using large water tanks. This more traditionally designed boiler works well in households where water pressure is low, as your water pressure is not coming directly from the mains. 

Tim Jones Heating can guide you through the process of selecting a new boiler that’s right for you.

System boilers

Since its introduction, system boilers have been a popular choice in newer homes. They work in conjunction with a hot water cylinder, which is normally found in an airing cupboard or similar location. However, because system boilers do not require a separate cold water tank, they are a preferable choice for some homeowners, particularly those considering a loft conversion.   They’re designed with built-in circulating pumps and are frequently thought to be easier to install from scratch because there’s one fewer component to consider (the water tank). 

System boilers also require programming for heat and hot water, which is not available immediately.  However, the cylinder can retain water hot for later use, so as long as you set your timer and leave it on long enough to heat the water you’ll need for the day, you shouldn’t have to wait long for your bathwater.

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